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Australian Business Email Data

Access a comprehensive database of over 1.1 million emails with detailed contact information such as names and job descriptions, alongside additional business details including names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, web addresses, estimated employee sizes and annual revenues, business classifications, and much more.

Purchase the entire Core Data National Business Email List

$699 inc. GST

Download a 1000 business sample of the unique Core Data Business Email List

  • 1,174,000+ Email addresses.

  • 1,174,000+ Contact names and job descriptions.

  • 248,000+ Unique organisations.

  • 141,000+ Addresses

  • 119,000+ Phone numbers

  • 150,000+ Web addresses

  • Employee size

  • Annual Revenue

  • Social media information.

Information about the use of the data.

  • Email addresses are NOT “opted-in”.

  • The data may be used for multiple campaigns in line with relevant legislation.

  • Core Professional Solutions accepts no responsibility for the success or failure of any marketing campaign using the data supplied.

  • The purchaser's responsibility is to wash phone numbers against the current Do Not Call Register where applicable.

  • The purchaser's responsibility is to wash fax numbers against the current Do Not Fax Register where applicable.

  • It is the purchaser's responsibility to comply with all legislation regarding unsolicited communications following the 'Spam Act 2003'.

  • Please refer to our terms and conditions

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