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Business Technology

An Innovative Solution

The rapid pace of change and innovation is transforming customer behavior and placing greater demand on digital channels.

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If a consumer can apply for a home loan, study a Master’s degree or establish a million dollar life insurance policy on their smartphone while travelling to work; modern businesses need to embrace digital service operations. Core Professional Solutions will guide you to evolve a Business Operations model to take full advantage of digital tools, omnichannel customer communication, automation and apply them to the customer’s journey.

Core Professional Solutions helps organizations discover, plan and apply digital and automation across the end-to-end operating model to increase customer contact, engagement and efficiency by orders of magnitude.

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Process and Technology

  • Experience-centered redesign

  • Digitization

  • Orchestration and task automation

  • Analytics and decision automation

  • Workforce & partner ecosystem

Core Servicces

End-to-End digital tool implementation and
Business wide technology optimization

Data and Analytics Modelling

Technical Infrastructure Audit and reviews

Staff Digital Upskilling and Training

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