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Training Coaching and Development

The Key Asset

Core Professional Solutions believe Skill Development is at the heart of business success.
Whether your front-line staff need short courses to rapidly build critical skills, a new leader needs a guide in best practice, or your senior managers require a mentor to hone new skills Core Professional Solutions has a range of services and products available to improve your team.

Professor Lecturing on Stage


- Tool Training
- Customer Engagement Best Practice
- Frontline Skill Checks
- Onboarding and Upskilling Processes and Platforms
- Customer Testing and Performance Programs

Learning new skills is crucial to any evolving business. Training your team in foundational skills and then being able to test and monitor performance is all important. Core Professional Solutions can rapidly build and implement training plans and complete quality testing programs for your business.


- 6 Week On-The-Job Leadership Program
- Guided in person Leadership Program
- Learning and Development Unit-based course templates
- Documentation formalization including Guides, manuals and Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

There are countless skills that new and emerging leaders require. Core Professional Solutions takes great pride in its Development Programs designed to ensure your new Team Leaders and Mangers will become energetic and successful members of the Leadership Team.

Q&A Seminar
Business Colleagues

Coaching and Mentoring

Bespoke and Intensive

Core Professional Solutions also have a limited intensive Mentoring Program. This is a uniquely tailored mentorship built for deep immersion. Core will mentor a Leader day-to-day as a constant source of information and experience. These mentorships are highly rewarding and have produced outstanding results for those wanting to take things to the next level no matter where you start.

Core Servicces

Group Skills and Onboarding Training

Staff Mentoring and Team Leader/ New Manager Toolkits

Professional Mentoring Packages and Senior Management Coaching/ Peer-to-Peer Development

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